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Powerful Low-Dose Journeys for Healing & Transformation [ONLINE]

September 30 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


High dose journeys seem to be popular with many individuals looking for healing from depression, anxiety and other symptoms of Complex PTSD.
Since Michael Pollan’s book How To Change Your Mind was published, and clinical trials are demonstrating positive results with MDMA and high doses of psilocybin, more and more people are being exposed to the possibility of using these medicines for healing. My experience as an Integration Therapist and Soul Guide has demonstrated to me that many high dose journeys have their setbacks (even with good integration work). Working with low doses can mediate the impact of these reactions because the defenses of the psyche are not threatened. In fact, in alignment with somatic therapies, working with low dose medicines can help “titrate” the psychological system. After high dose journeys the ego comes back, often even more determined to rigidify. During low dose journeys ego defenses are softened and workable so that long-term change can occur.

In this brief presentation, Jane Latimer will go over a variety of ways her clients have used medicine in low doses for powerful and sustainable results.
We will look at the best uses of high and low doses, when to use which and why. And how to use a combination of high and low for optimal change.

We will cover such topics as:

Benefits of High Doses (with examples)
Benefits of Low Doses (with examples)
Working with Parts (as in Internal Family Systems)
Somatic (as in Somatic Experiencing)
Past Life and Life Between Lives
Jungian Dreamwork and Dream Integration
Movement and Expressive Arts
Couples Work
Group Work
Nature Medicine Walks

Jane Latimer, MA is a psychedelic integration specialist and soul guide who assists others to move past developmental trauma, negative patterning, and anxiety. Her purpose is to activate your Soul Seed of Truth in order to retrieve and claim your Life of True Belonging, Purpose, and Meaning. More info at her website: http://www.janelatimer.com


September 30
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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