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PSI Introductory Webinar [ONLINE]

November 5 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

by PsychedeLiA Integration

Do certain types of therapy pair better with psychedelics to create positive outcomes? Will talk therapy and CBT be as helpful in the non-rational dreamscape that is psychedelic consciousness? Join us for a two hour informational webinar on an effective new body-centered approach to psychedelic therapy. Recently reviewed in the Journal of Psychedelic Psychiatry, [https://www.journalofpsychedelicpsychiatry.org/current-issue], the PSIP model allows practitioners to provide legal psychedelic treatment in their own private practice setting today. As part of the webinar, we will watch actual video sessions of clients engaged in treatment.

Join PSI Director of Education and former MAPS MDMA researcher, Saj Razvi, in this webinar discussing the research and years of clinical experience that has led to the development of a new psychotherapy model specifically designed to operate inside of and amplify psychedelic states of consciousness. We will examine the Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP) model that targets the body and relational factors that are key in determining mental health, and which become active during psychedelic processing.

In contrast to the non-directive, non-interactional sitter approach used in clinical trials, the model we examine makes use of neurological shifts in brain activity, identity and psychological functioning that occurs during psychedelic use. A shift from ordinary consciousness to “primary consciousness” necessitates a significant shift in the type of therapy we use. Interventions need to be consistent with non-rational, non-linear, frequently non-verbal, and certainly non-ordinary states of consciousness.

A practical application of this model is that when used with something as legal and easily accessible as cannabis or ketamine, the therapy – medicine combination changes the nature of cannabis and ketamine from a mild experience to a very useful psychedelic excavating and processing experience. The benefit of this approach is that psychedelic therapy can be provided in private practice settings making it far more accessible to the general public as a grassroots movement. We will view video examples of how this therapy has been applied with cannabis.




PsychedeLiA Integration