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Sisters of the Psychedelic Revolution [ONLINE]

November 18 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

by Harvard Center for the Study of World Religions

Sisters of the Psychedelic Revolution: A Conversation with Leni Sinclair & Genie Parker
Hippie culture left a lasting impression on the Mid-West of the United States. Historians tend to portray the Haight Ashbury of San Francisco and the East Village of Manhattan as America’s foremost psychedelic hotspots, but it was in the college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan, that the psychedelic revolution seems to have succeeded, at least partially. Leni Sinclair and Genie Parker were at the heart of Ann Arbor’s hippie scene. From their commune, Trans-Love Energy, they co-coordinated a robust alternative community, which included numerous underground newspapers, free health care clinics, free healthy food programs, a network of crashpads and communes, and weekly concerts in the park. Their motto was “S.T.P.,” which stood for Serve The People. When the Black Panther Party called on the hippies to join them in an alliance, Sinclair and Parker co-founded the White Panther Party, which later broadened its coalition of allies and became the Rainbow People’s Party. Honoring the global anti-colonialist struggle, these sisters of the revolution made a good-will mission to the Vietcong during the height of the Vietnam War, too. In their discussion, J. Christian Greer (postdoctoral fellow, CSWR) will ask Leni Sinclair about her celebrated career as a photographer, anthropological documentarian, and psychedelic idealist. The conversation will also touch upon Genie Parker’s pioneering astrology column, “People’s Astrology,” her role in the formation of a “peace force,” known as the Psychedelic Rangers, that was to replace the police, and her political career with the Human Rights Party. Altogether, we hope to lift the curtain on the totally electric, psychedelic scene of Ann Arbor, and reveal another dimension of the Age of Aquarius.


November 18
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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Harvard Center for the Study of World Religions