Dying Well: Palliative Care and The Psychedelic State [ONLINE]

About this Event About The Maudsley Psychedelic Society is excited to host an online evening symposium where we will explore the potential of psychedelics in the field of palliative care. Palliative care clinicians encounter a high prevalence of psychological, existential and spiritual suffering experienced by their patients. Early clinical trials have suggested the potential for … Read moreDying Well: Palliative Care and The Psychedelic State [ONLINE]

Death & Psychedelics

Insight into End-of-Life Benefits and Mortality via the Entheogenic Experience About this Event There are many things in this life that really force us to examine our own mortality and the nature of our own existence, yet few do so with the soul-riveting tenacity of both death and psychedelics.┬áRarely do we look down the tunnel … Read moreDeath & Psychedelics