Psychedelics for Healing [ONLINE]

SoundMind Solidarity Series: Psychedelics for Healing with Rick Doblin, Marcela Ot’alora, and Aubrey Howard Description We are excited to announce the first event for our fall SoundMind Solidarity Series program! September 20th from 4-7PM, Hannah McLane with be in conversation with Rick Doblin and then Marcela Ot’alora to discuss how we can use MDMA to … Read morePsychedelics for Healing [ONLINE]

Challenges & Opportunities of Psychedelic Therapy Within the System [ONLINE]

Saturday, August 8 Featuring Sara Reed in conversation with Ismail Ali 4th and final part of our Psychedelic Community & Racial Justice series How do we make psychedelic healing accessible to people of color and marginalized communities in an ethical way? What are the blind spots in protocols designed by white-only practitioners? What are the … Read moreChallenges & Opportunities of Psychedelic Therapy Within the System [ONLINE]