Psychedelics & Psychotropics: Mechanisms of Drug Interaction

The fifth and last installment in this series will focus exclusively on the potential for drug interactions between psychedelics discussed in installments I–IV and other medications or supplements people may be using. While the aim is to cover a broad range of possible interactions, a focus will be placed on interactions with traditional psychotropics including … Read morePsychedelics & Psychotropics: Mechanisms of Drug Interaction

Psychedelics Beyond Serotonin: Ibogaine & Ketamine

While most psychedelics produce their effects by modulating serotonin, there are exceptions of worthy mention including ibogaine and ketamine. While vastly different in their effects, both ibogaine and ketamine appear to modulate either glutamate or opioid systems. Ibogaine is often touted for its powerful anti-addictive properties, although it carries risks of cardiotoxicity. Ketamine has built … Read morePsychedelics Beyond Serotonin: Ibogaine & Ketamine

Autism On Acid: How LSD Helped Me Bridge the Autistic-Neurotypical Divide

At the age of 27—after a lifetime of struggling with autism spectrum disorder and concurrent clinical depression—Aaron Paul Orsini received a dose of LSD that gave him access to emotional and social intuition for the very first time. This 75-minute talk includes Aaron’s first-hand account of his LSD-assisted breakthroughs in behavioral and occupational therapy, as … Read moreAutism On Acid: How LSD Helped Me Bridge the Autistic-Neurotypical Divide

Decriminalizing Psilocybin in California

Overview: Curious about the movement to decriminalize magic mushrooms statewide? This event will give you the latest updates, place the campaign in the context of a wider history, and explain why decriminalization is important to people interested in integration. Time: Doors Open: 6:30pm Event Begins: 7:00pm – 9:00pm Location: Thymele Arts – 5481 Santa Monica … Read moreDecriminalizing Psilocybin in California

Psychedelic Integration 101: The What, Why, When and How

The class is suitable for those who are curious about, are planning on exploring or have explored psychedelic states; and for mental health providers who wish to learn integration interventions to be used in the therapeutic setting. When experimenting with psychedelic substances, the visions, personal lessons, higher knowledge, collective insights and awareness expansion provided can … Read morePsychedelic Integration 101: The What, Why, When and How

Vortex Cave Sound Bath

Unique experience in special place. We will connect to the vortex channel and activate our inner energy. This is a transformative experience and spiritual journey into the hidden parts of your subconscious with live vocals, sacred instruments, light language transmissions, breathwork and meditation. We will begin the journey with special powerful breathwork practice to cleanse … Read moreVortex Cave Sound Bath