Psilocybin Mushrooms vs. Psilocybin: The Dialectic Between Nature vs. Synthetic [ONLINE]

Paul Stamets Mycologist Episode Summary:  Paul will discuss the history and advances in our understanding of psilocybin mushrooms. He will make the case for the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin mushrooms which afford benefits to the greatest number of people in need.  In these COVID times, the need for antidepressants and anti-anxiety medicines is of paramount importance … Read morePsilocybin Mushrooms vs. Psilocybin: The Dialectic Between Nature vs. Synthetic [ONLINE]

Beyond The Heroic Skyline [ONLINE]

Sensei Kevon Simpson Minister Episode Summary: From the stoned ape theory to 5g of dried psilocybin in silent darkness, and from clinical trial research all the way to transdimensional crystals, the call to push the envelope of consciousness exploration has reached the mycelium network of the urban underground. It is there in the belly of change, … Read moreBeyond The Heroic Skyline [ONLINE]

PEAC Meeting: Charles Raison [ONLINE]

10/02/20 Charles Raison, UW-Madison & Usona Institute, USA The Psychedelic and Entheogen Academic Council (PEAC) at UCSF connects researchers, clinicians, and students interested in psychedelic science with each other and with the international community to socialize on individual, cultural, creative, and intellectual levels while creating a sense of belonging and community.

Tripping on Shrooms: From Preparation to Integration [ONLINE]

Join DoubleBlind and Michelle Janikian for a webinar on everything you should know about shrooms, from preparation to dose and integration. About this Event Sunday, Sept. 20 | 12-2p.m. PST| $15-$25 Suggested Donation Mushrooms are definitely having a moment. Many folks in the psychedelic community—from researchers to activists—are now predicting they’re just five to ten … Read moreTripping on Shrooms: From Preparation to Integration [ONLINE]

Psilocybin Summit [ONLINE]

Everything you always wanted to know about psilocybin, but were afraid to ask! FOUR DAYS OF THE MOST PROFOUND EXPLORATIONS OF THE SACRED MUSHROOM EVER ASSEMBLED Explore the myth, magic, and science of psilocybin in our four day online summit. This conference is virtual and world wide. That means you can watch and participate from … Read morePsilocybin Summit [ONLINE]

Getting Unstuck: the promise of psychedelic assisted therapies [ONLINE]

Presenter: Andrew Penn, RN, MS, PMHMP Discussant: Patricia Penn, LCSW, PhD Description: The use of psychedelic medicines such as MDMA and psilocybin as catalysts to psychotherapy has been receiving a lot of press as they advance through clinical trials, which if successful, would lead to FDA approval for the use of these medicines as adjuncts … Read moreGetting Unstuck: the promise of psychedelic assisted therapies [ONLINE]