PsychedeLiA Summer Beach Social

Join us on the beach in Santa Monica for a fun opportunity to socialize this month! Some of you have indicated that you’d like more time to meet informally, so we’re offering a FREE event for this purpose. This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded travelers, discuss the mysteries and meanings behind our journeys, … Read morePsychedeLiA Summer Beach Social

In the Realms of Consciousness: Decoding Psychedelic Experiences through Jungian Theory

Carl Jung denied ever using psychedelic substances or administering them to patients and fervently challenged their use as means for personal growth, he nonetheless personally confessed to devoting more than 40 years of his life to studying the same psychic spheres of numinous experience often recognized through the psychedelic lens. Themes that are shared in … Read moreIn the Realms of Consciousness: Decoding Psychedelic Experiences through Jungian Theory

Zendo Stereo Music Meditation Journey

Take a musical deep dive, a 70-minute musical journey that is both musical meditation and psychedelic experience, bending time and inner space to explore your hidden potential. Each Zendo Stereo is a one of a kind experience, conceived and performed by Leo Canneto, using music to explore sonic landscapes that lead to deeper relaxation and … Read moreZendo Stereo Music Meditation Journey

Becoming a Voice for the Plants

Adam Roa and Azrya Cohen have been in a deep communion with altered states of consciousness for the past seven years. Beginning with forays into psychedelics through the burning man community, both Adam and Azrya continually found deeper insight, purpose and clarity of vision through working with these substances in an intentional way. Five years … Read moreBecoming a Voice for the Plants